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The mission of Intermedia Education Project (IEP) is to create documentary videos and mixed media ("multimedia") digital materials which are informed by Islam's own foundational and authoritative sources—namely, the Qur'an, the Hadith (Islamic traditions), and Islamic Sharia law—in order to provide the public with documentable and undistorted facts about Islam.

Video, multimedia, and the Internet are vital forms of digital communications possessing the ability to reach mass audiences with the power of image.  Our culture (particularly, the youth) is unquestionably responsive to messages conveyed visually.

IEP's vision is to combine said power of image with interactive digital media to create informational resources that educate the public about the challenges which Islam and Islamic ideology pose to every aspect of our daily lives.


Available as downloads from our website, IEP's documentary videos delve into the true nature and character of Islam to reveal disturbing facts about Islam.


Is Jihad really about inner struggle?  Are men and women equal in Islam?  Does Islam really mean 'peace'?  Is Shariah law compatible with democracy?  Learn the facts for yourself—at your own pace, on your own time—whether on a desktop or laptop, or "on-the-go" on your smartphone, iPad, Android tablet, or Windows.


Interested in hosting an IEP lecture or seminar?  Contact us for more information and details.

project: core islam

Islam claims to be a "peaceful religion" which recognizes the brotherhood of all mankind, bestows an elevated status on women, and enjoins tolerance, justice, mercy, and love.

However, documentable and indisputable facts about Islam (as revealed from within Islam's own authoritative sources) readily betray Islam's self-bestowed unmerited and undeserved characterization.

It is the premise of Intermedia Education Project's PROJECT: CORE ISLAM that the facts about Islam cannot be fathomed apart from an understanding of Islam's foundational texts—the Qur'an (Muhammad's revelations), the Hadith (Muhammad's actions, teachings, and rulings as recorded in the Islamic traditions), and the Islamic Sharia (Islam's moral and religious code based on the Qur'an and Hadith and the teachings and rulings of Muhammad described in the Sunnah).

Educational and unbiased in its approach, PROJECT: CORE ISLAM delves into Islam's own foundational and authoritative sources to factually document and expose the true nature of Islam.



The Islamic Scriptures, said to be the word of God as dictated to Muhammad by the angel Gabriel (Jibril).



A collection of traditions containing sayings attributed to Muhammad with accounts of his daily practice (the Sunna).



The body of Islamic law. It is the legal framework which regulates every aspect of life under Islam.



The way of life prescribed as normative for Muslims on the basis of the teachings and practices of Muhammad.


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