Reliance of the Traveller

A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law (Sharia)

"Reliance of the Traveller", or Umdat al-Salik, was composed in the 14th Century by Shihabuddin Abu al-‘Abbas Ahmad ibn an-Naqib al-Misri (1302–1367). It is a classical manual of Shafi’i fiqh, meaning it is an authoritative summation of the Islamic jurisprudence also known as Sharia.

The Umdat al-Salik is broken into sections dealing with every area of life Sharia is concerned with, from epistemological questions on “sacred knowledge” to practical legal rulings on marriage, divorce, trade, inheritance, jihad (the section on jihad is located within Book O, "Justice," section 9), fasting, zakat, etc.   Download